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Aug 2018 Newsletter

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JEWELRY (and other things) DESIGNED BY ME (Susan Estrada) FOR YOU!

Welcome to cserpentDesigns!!  I specialize in making gemstone and glass beaded watchbands, bracelets, earrings, necklaces other items such as bookmarks, cell phone straps, spiders and sun catchers.  If you want a custom designed piece just send me an email.

New designs in my Zibbet studio:

handmade earrings copper raku pottery glass etched tornado niobium pink aqua blue

handmade earrings chrysocolla quartz artisan lampwork sterling silver    smoky quartz, light brown, pink tourmaline, dangle, earrings, handmade, sterling silver, cluster

Designs for sale in my Artfire studio:
Handmade bracelet, artisan lampwork, white freshwater keishi pearls, purple, sterling silver
cserpentDesigns happenings ...

8/12/2018 - I'm getting ready for foot surgery on my left foot.  I can't wait!  2019 should be a year with no achilles pain.  But enough about me - how about these vibrant Copper Raku Earrings!   And I do love the chrysocolla in quartz drops in the Ending in Teal Earrings.

3 weeks after my foot surgery, September 8/9, you'll find me selling my jewelry at the Senior Games Soccer Tournament.  I won't be playing this year but I'll be there with my jewelry and cheering my soccer team mates on!  

Here are some of the new designs that are available in my online shops. I love smoky quartz and it goes so beautifully with pink tourmaline in my Smoky Baubles Earrings.

You know I love purple and I love my Purple Disk-O bracelet!  

If you want to get the first shot at buying new items as I make them be sure to check my cserpentDesigns Facebook page.  I initially list my designs for auction on Facebook.  I love interacting with all you wonderful people who buy my designs!

I hope you enjoy these beautiful handcrafted pieces as much as I enjoy making them!

Here are links to other online areas where I have items for sale. You can see all my designs by clicking on the product links to the left.
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      cserpentDesigns @ ArtFire                     cserpentDesigns @ zibbet
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If you're buying jewelry or other art look for an SRA (self representing artist) designation to be sure it's an artisan piece and not a mass produced item. Here's my SRAJD (JD is for jewelry designer) number: 353